The highest degree of safety and security within the private island community of Fisher Island is guaranteed by the Fisher Island Public Safety Department which is a multi-function department which is made up of a group of officers that have varying security experience in private and public sectors.

All of the officers within the Fisher Island Public Safety Department have been professional trained to perform security, first aid, and AED life-saving techniques.

Across the entire private island community, Public Safety Officers are assigned to man various posts every hour of every day to provide assistance whenever needed. Being assigned strategically designated spots allow Public Safety Officers to offer more efficient patrolling and immediate response to situations which are essentially granted to ensure that all residents and guests are given a sense of safety and security that only Fisher Island can provide.

The Fisher Island Public Safety Department works alongside the island-based Miami-Dade Fire and Rescue Station to provide fire safety inspection, fire suppression, and other important life-saving techniques for all of the departments that are found within the private island community.

The department also operates the Main Land Ferry Access Point on MacArthur Causeway, the Barge Access Point within the Port of Miami, and the Guest and Resident Marinas within the private island community.

Public Safety Officers designated to the various access control locations always make it a point to check with Guest Clearance Agents to make sure that all residents, guests, and employees of the private island community acquire the proper clearance prior to any community access.

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